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Padenna Vet founded in 2008, as a synthesis of the work experience acquired over the years by Dr. Pietro Massaroli, livestock farming applications. The company's goal is to provide relevant industry, non-residual products contributing, in this way, to improve animal health and to reduce antibiotic resistance.

Padenna Vet provides solutions in all areas of animal husbandry, through the production of complementary feeds containing botanical additives, and devices for the administration of natural products.

The company's products distinguish by the use of liquid nucleus treated with physical systems that allow to significantly reduce the cost of the formulations.






Building our Blog

Building our Blog

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XeroO3 10 ml

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Biological Physics

The new discoveries of Quantic and frequential Phisics just surpassed and overturned normal and more known cause-effect principle, according to which to a different phenomenal event, corresponds a previous reason to identify and giustify the phenomenon itself. All Sintropia studies tell us this, too, in which was demonstrated an esactly contrary consequentiality, where in the other half of cases, effect is what precedes the cause.

These new extraordinary discoveries were seen inevitably applied to health and illness condition, and to conservation and recovery of wellness physiological state, taking advantage from those natural capacities to reactivate homeostasis and equilibrium typical of Complex Systems such as living beings.

Food, feeding, nutrition, are a part of those systems able to reactivate these delicate physiological equilibriums, without necessarily resort to medicines. Ippocrate teach us this: "Make food your medicine, and medicine your food".


Botany in Zootechnics

Plants are the Nature chemists, trasforming water, land, and light, in a serie of preciuos substances. Science, with research in Chemistry and Physics area, delivered to discovery of many plants which can carry great benefits to our animals. From plants derive chemical compounds that feed, integrate, preserve and improve organic functionality, and even heal.

Animals in Nature instinctively know these capacity of plants and look for them in spontaneous manner in the land, to feed and preserve their health condition.

This is the reason for which PADENNA VET choses raw materials more close by naturality, drawing nearly esclusively from vegetal world and using vegetal drugs and plants in Zootechnics, thinking to this spontaneity and to animal wellness.

Medicina Frequenziale

First of all animal wellness

European Guidelines give great relevance to animal wellness. Not only for ethical reasons, but for economical matter too, because regolate problems of numerical density, of transport and accomodation conditions, of Operators responsibility in livestock, of feeding and riproduction, tooks great advantage to all the actors of production chain.

Padenna Vet complementary animal feeds based on herbs and plants, marry the animal wellness directives, because herbs and plants are part of animal feeding ecosystem. The animal feed are realized in order to improve organical functionality and physiological conditions of animal, maintaining it in health and calmness.

Formulations and exclusive ingredients research, innovative and avantgarde implications, continuous looking for raw material non-treated with chemical solvents, exclusion of essential oils and critical compounds, and not least, innovative application of chemical-physical processes, lead to obtain processed solutions that improve and amplify the natural properties of vegetal ingredients.  All of this makes PADENNA VET a representative company for innovation, today more than ever indispensable for Breeders, Workers in the sector and Veterinarians. 


Certifications of PADENNA VET

PADENNA VET cames in possession of FAMI-QS Certification that, analogously to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, represents a European Code of good practices for companies working in field of additives production and complementary animal feed.

In line with European Parliament Guidelines and Council that states requirements for hygiene of animal feeds (183/2005/CE), the Code is in order to encourage adoption of measures to guarantee safety and quality of additives and pre-mixture for animal feeds, company management in conformity with European requirements for hygiene of animal feeds, and a better traceability, giving consideration to food and animal safety principles, and to HACCP fundamentals stated in different international documents.