Our values

Company values, production values, and Physical Progressive System values


Among company values, we certainly put at first place animal wellness, with a particular attention to the choice of raw material and additives of vegetal nature, that guarantee residuality absence, more than resort to whole integral phytocomplexes, instead of isolated active ingredients or chemical molecules subject to criticity.

The judgement of breeders or animal feed and supplements producers, that buy our products, agree with us for this ethical and productive choice, in all the years of our experience.





The development of original and innovative formulations, the sinergy of phytocomplexes also between each other in mixing formulations, and the use of low doses with demonstrated biological effect, add value to production and to preparations efficacy, just to remain in contained costs for the buyer too.




We valorize at last our ambition for innovation and efficacy, the manufactoring with particular chemical-physical processes, supported by literature and provided with absolute innocuity and safety, that consent a strengthening of effectivity of our complementary feed in livestock.

As a result, we have preparations that we call Physical Progressive Systems, that are pride of our production and of our results.



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