Processed solutions for P.P.S.

With avantgarde productive processes on starting solution, we realize our PHYSICAL PROGRESSIVE SYSTEMS (P.P.S.)


Avantgarde studies and basic research show that processes of chemical-physical and mechanical nature with absolute innocuity, applicated to liquid preparations, can confer to the starter solution a superior power in terms of efficacy and safety. They prove that solutions in this way processed, obtain different chemical-physical properties in respect to the same solutions non-processed, as for example a measurable difference of pH, a variation of calorimetry in mixing with alcaline solutions, an increase of electrical conductibility.



Following similar procedures, we realized liquid products that we call PHYSICAL PROGRESSIVE SYSTEMS in which properties and activities of vegetal substances either dissolved or incorporate are valorized, powered, and improved. To make an example, if the preparation contains either plants or herbs with either antibacterial capacity, or carminative/digestive or anti-helminthical properties, these are powered also in respect to a smaller dosage of the active substances percentually present in the composition.

In our catalog look for these special preparations that were subjected to this treatment!

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