Veterinary Phytotherapy

Veterinary herbal medicine is a branch of veterinary medicine that deals with treating animals with active principles that originate from plants or by them.



The concept of drug originates from the use of plants that are effective in treating various types of disorders, from the lightest to the more severe. For example, the use of Chinchona S. bark to treat malaria, or Colchicum. A. to treat gout. At the beginning of the last century, due to the refinement of chemistry, several active principles were extracted and then modified to obtain single active substances with greater efficacy, or with similar or even different actions compared to the starting compound. For example, Salice (Salix A.) contains salicylate of methyl and salicylic aldehyde, which have anti-inflammatory and gastroprotective action.

A famous German industry, starting from those active ingredients, has obtained acetylsalicylic acid, which has the most pronounced anti-inflammatory activity, but with a strong gastrointestinal action. The growing interest in the veterinary field is mainly due to this factors:

  • 1) the cost of phytotherapy products is often lower than that of a corresponding drug, as the active principles contained in a plant are not patentable.
2) the complex of active principles of a plant often extends its effects to problems that can not be solved by the single active principle

  • 3) the phytocomplex toxicity is almost always much lower than the corresponding drug.
4) The rising antibiotic resistance has led the control bodies, especially in the EU, to restrict the use of the drug, so breeders are looking for effective natural substances that do not result in drug resistance, animal toxicity, and safety in use Padenna Vet is a company specialized in the use of botanical products containing pharmacological active principles, which within the EU are considered feed additives, not medicines

Padenna Vet is able to reduce the content of botanicals by combining liquid feed treated with physical methods, with the consequence of greatly reducing the cost of the formula while maintaining the same effectiveness.

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